Author Feature: Ashlyn Drewek

Meet author, Ashlyn Drewek!

Equally obsessed with tales of love and woe, Ashlyn is what you would call a Dark Romantic. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and other Gothic writers, her stories often feature undying love, broken people, and a touch of madness. Some stories feature a paranormal slant whilst others are simply human tragedies. 

When she’s not making up stories in her head, Ashlyn is usually journaling (like all good writers, she has a bit of a stationery addiction) or spending an inordinate amount of time researching obscure topics. A night owl through and through, coffee and tea make it possible for her to function like a quasi-normal human. Ashlyn lives in Northern Illinois with her patient husband, fearless daughter, and a house full of animals. The degree on the wall says she’s a historian, but she spends her days as a first responder. 

Ashlyn’s forte is mixing romance with the paranormal. With three published titles under her belt, all available on Amazon and most major retailers, Ashlyn is busy clicking away at the keys on her fourth novel, The Death & Life of Bennett Reeve, a prequel of sorts to her Leander Welles series. If all goes according to plan, this dark, romantic suspense novel should be available spring of 2021!

Her novel, Out of the Dark, is a slow-burn paranormal romance about vampires and Chicago cops with commitment issues. It forces the reader to see what it means to fall in love against your better judgement. (This novel comes with a trigger warning for language, PTSD, and alcoholism.) This standalone novel, released in June 2020 flip-flops between two point of views, and is available as a Kindle Unlimited ebook.

The Mystery of Leander Welles, is a dark, psychological romance about a criminal psychiatrist who falls in love with patient. While The Mystery of Leander Wells can be read as a standalone, The Rationale of Leander Welles, is a dark, romantic suspense about an accused murderer who falls in love with his psychiatrist … or does he? Ideally, should you read both novels, The Mystery of Leander Welles should be read first. Please note, these novels also have trigger warnings for suicide and self-harm.

Make sure to keep in touch with Ashlyn during her writing journey. You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also check out her website:!

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